Framing “Fresh Rustlord” 2017

This painting is a new starting point for me. I’m going to be working on a new series of work with real soul, a deep palette of contrasting colours and a primal sort of way of applying media to my supports. This series will be influenced by George Steinmetz, Mark Rothko, Franz Kline and Paul Tonkin. I’ll be using my hands a lot, making the canvases myself to get the sharp edges I like and framing them in boxy floating frames to make them pop and amplify the palette further.

The word #rustlord comes from photography on Flickr and Instagram, normally it’s heavily rusted material with this tag attached. I feel incredibly inspired by these photographs of dilapidated structures and have explored it in the past through my work. It seems to be something that is always trying to escape from my subconscious mind, so I’m going to set it free. I’m going to use my urges, the feeling to do something without knowing why is not alien to me, I need to use it more. I think it maybe an artistic sense or power I have been exercising but never using fully, turned right up. The power to work the composition until it works, until its the deep, soulful work that can give pleasure and inspiration for new work and creation. I feel like I’m going on a bit now so I will stop writing and get some rest, I really hope you are interested in my plan or my inner monologue coming through to the website. here’s some more images of framed Fresh Rustlord.


this is part of a private collection now!


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